Our Speak Up-Speak Out workshop focuses on empowering students and peer groups on high school and college campuses to create a paradigm shift away from illicit prescription drug use and illegal substance abuse and to escape the “By Stander Effect”.  We cater our event to attract 200-300 students, faculty, and community members and encourage participants to engage in a “question and answer” session with subject matter experts in drug enforcement, mental health and addiction counseling, local law enforcement and pharmaceutics.  We also include personal loss stories as well as successful rehabilitation stories of addicts in recovery, to drive home our empowering message.

The William Christian Doerhoff Memorial Foundation and Willswork.org partner with qualified and or licensed agents from Federal, State and Local governments and businesses to provide our Speak Up-Speak Out workshop, free of charge to institutions.  

Included in the Workshop

  • The Drug Enforcement Administration and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s presentation of “Chasing the Dragon” a joint venture film outlining prescription opioid use and its escalation to Heroin.  
  • Mental Health and Addiction Counseling services to discuss mental health issues of addiction. Also, to include information on how and where to get help and who to contact if a student, friends or peers are in active use of illicit prescription drugs or illegal substance abuse.
  • Pharmacists to discuss the unknowing dangers of illicit prescriptions drugs and unwitting, life-threatening risks associated when prescription drugs are abused.
  • Providing resources such as local law enforcement ability to respond in an emergent situations when a friend or peer has overdosed and the laws that protect those willing to step forward.
  • Personal stories of families who have lost loved ones to drug overdose as well as addicts in recovery leading successful lives.