Speak Up-Speak Out - University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas main campus in Fayetteville, Arkansas was host to The William Christian Doerhoff Memorial Foundation’s - Speak Up-Speak Out workshop on illicit prescription drugs and illegal substance.   Speaking to an audience of over 200 students, faculty and community residents,  Executive Director of the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy, John Kirtley, PharmDasked the students “ how many of you have ever heard of the drug, Adderall “?  Adderall is sometimes referred to as “ legal meth” and is considered a drug of choice to abuse on college campuses by students needing a “pick-me-up” when cramming for exams or trying to keep up with the sometimes rigors schedules of campus life. Incredulously,  an estimated 99% of the students raised their hands to acknowledge their familiarity with Adderall.  Pi Kappa Alpha President, Michael Cobb stated “ it’s in every part of the campus culture”. 

Dr. Asher Morgan, PhD,  an alcohol and other drug specialist at the Pat Walker Health Center told the group “ if any of you have issues you want to talk about, please reach out, this is why we are here tonight”.  Dr. Morgan was supported by Chief Kirk Lane of the Benton Police Department and Matthew Barden, Assistance Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration-Little Rock office.

Abel Soster, a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha and University of Arkansas-Student Government Association announced to the audience that in response to these initiatives on prescription drugs, SGA is working to do their part to combat prescription drug abuse on campus by crafting legislation to create a forgiving pathway for students wishing to seek help for opiate use and abuse.

The event was organized by the University of Arkansas-Dean of Students office representative, Melissa Harwood-Rom and the William Christian Doerhoff Memorial Foundation, Executive Director, Mr. Scott Doerhoff.