William “Will” Christian Doerhoff was born May 18th, 1996. He was the first born son of William Scott and Shannon Doerhoff. Will was born with his eyes wide open ready to engage the world. He never met a stranger and found a friend everywhere he went. No matter where Will began, in the end, he was always going to be family. 

Will was a beautiful son.  He was polite, kind, often mischievous but never unloving.  Will was known for his generosity and his work ethic.  He was 6’2” tall and commanded attention but when his long arms reached outward,  it was always meant to be to help to those in need.  

Will was baptized in the Catholic faith and was an elementary student at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Marche, Arkansas. He later attended Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys and graduated in 2014. Will attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he spent one year. He became a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. 

William had one younger brother, Nicholas Scott Doerhoff whom he loved and adored. Nicholas, 5 years junior to Will loved his brother as his father figure. Will taught Nic to tie his tie, button his jacket and all the misgivings of a teenage life.  They truly did love one another.  

When Will’s life turned directions and he landed in Monroe, Louisiana, he landed with his Starbucks family.  A diverse group of likeminded loving hearts who welcomed Will with open arms. But it was one who stole Will’s heart like no other had ever done, his one true love, Cameron May McDowell. 

Cameron and Will were twin flames. They were soulmates and best friends.  Will was never more at home than with is love.  But as life turned again before Will and Cameron had the chance to become one, in spirit, they will always belong to one another. 

It’s always hard when the good leave us too soon, we can’t help but question why and how come?  But to question is to search and to search is live.  So now,  it is left to us, the living to celebrate the life of a young man who touched so many so quickly and we the living must continue on with WillsWork.